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Øyane 11 - Nordfjordeid
Gate 1 nr 119 - Måløy
Borgundvegen 340, Ålesund

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About us

Segel is a business consulting firm specialising in strategy and business development, internationalization, marketing innovation and project management.

Segel AS has its headquarters in Nordfjordeid and a branch office in Måløy. In addition, we have co-advisers located in Ålesund and in Szczecin, Poland. All of our advisers in Norway and Poland have a great deal of experience in manufacturing, retailing and service industries. They are recruited from the business sector, and have work experience from national and international commerce. Through systematic focus on expertise development and practical facilitation, within our organisation we can offer a highly competent management environment to our clients. In addition to this we have an extensive network of advisors nationally and internationally who we operate with. We also possess good language skills in Polish, German, French, Spanish, Russian and English.

With a focus on action-oriented strategy and development processes, Segel is a competent partner in innovation, business development and entrepreneurship.