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Our vision:

- Marine
- Environment and Energy
- Growth

Øyane 11 - Nordfjordeid
Gate 1 nr 119 - Måløy
Borgundvegen 340, Ålesund

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yay-240967Our basic philosophy is to combine what is good for our clients, each adviser as well as Segel as a business.

  • We create good solutions, achievements and experiences that are profitable for our clients.
  • We choose the clients and the projects that give us the greatest challenges in terms of individual and communal power of innovation.
  • People who like challenges succeed and thrive in Segel and when we create profitability for our clients, then Segel has also succeeded as a business.

Our core values reflect our philosophy:

Curious Always looking for new information, new knowledge in our fields/industries. It is in our blood that we are developing – that we and the company are in a continual process of change.
Global No kind of border or boundary should be an obstacle to the development of the company or the projects we are working on.
Passionate Our work engages us personally. We believe in what we do and it helps us to do a better job.
Progress We are efficient and keep our promises.