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Business Development

Strategy Processes

“Strategy is like trying to ride a bicycle while you’re inventing it,” said Igor Ansoff. Another ‘guru’, Bruce Henderson, founder of consulting firm Boston Consulting Group said: “The essential element of a successful strategy is that it derives its success from the differences between competitors with a consequent difference in behavior.”

Both indicate that the development of corporate strategy is one of the most important tasks for the company’s management, but not necessarily the easiest. Today’s businesses relate to continuously changing environments and markets. How can we make plans for the future?

For us strategy is also about dealing with increasingly rapid changes. As business advisers, it is our task to contribute to the strategic work that is currently an active management tool which can help the company increase its earnings.

Segel tailors and implements strategic processes for businesses. We plan and operate the development process, and are sparring partners and coaches. If required, we conduct the necessary strategic analysis that forms the basis of the company’s strategic choices. We assist in the development of the company’s main strategies and the development of sub-strategies within different areas: market, internationalization, R&D, IPR, etc. Moreover, we can also assist in the implementation of corporate strategies as well as structured systems for monitoring and further development (e.g. balanced scorecard).

Business Plans
Behind a successful start-up is a good plan.

A good plan is not enough, but it is a good start. Segel assists in all types of business development, development projects of larger firms, spin-offs, joint ventures, start-ups, etc.

We assist with the development of complete business plans and are otherwise a sparring partner on issues related to marketing, organisation, development and financing.

Segel also has advisers who are certified on Innovation Norway FRAM programmes, which offer different programmes within management and strategy, business modelling and internationalisation. For more information, see the FRAM programme.

Segel prepares the necessary documentation/applications for funding and assists with regular bank financing, grants and equity financing.