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Market Development

A central question in a company’s market thinking is whether to focus on existing products in existing markets or whether to enter new markets. In this context Segel is a partner that assists the company with a complete market analysis and prepares the foundation material to make the right decisions. To conduct market development without adequate knowledge of new markets can be a costly affair for most.


Marketing manager for hire
Many companies will at times have capacity problems in connection with the extraordinary efforts in new markets, whether national or international. Segel has partners with extensive experience who, in a rational and effective way, go in and assist the company with additional working capacity for a limited period.

Market research
Segel designs and conducts market research for businesses. We carry out qualitative surveys, focus groups and smaller quantitative surveys using our own personnel. For larger quantitative analyses of large amounts of data, we use one of our partners.

Marketing communication
Segel always works based on a holistic approach, i.e. that all forms of communication between the business and the market must be viewed in context. Based on the company’s financial goals and business point of view and other strategies, we help to prepare a comprehensive plan for the company’s marketing communications.